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List of jobs for humanities major

Many of us still consider having a degree in finance or a doctorate is the only way to earn money and respect. We still underestimate the importance of subjects like Political science, Sociology, History, Economics, that falls under humanities. Fear not! You are as much capable of having a bright future as any other doctor or engineer friend of yours. There are plenty of options to choose from and in fact, these are quite unique and interesting in their own way that they won't let you feel the need to be any less of yourself!

So, let's discuss them further. 


How internship can help in career planning

Internships can help you to choose the industry best suited for yourself. The following article will discuss the various benefits of an internship for career planning. 


How to write emails correctly

Email writing is an art. Its not so easy. We have to select correct and precise word. Generally email is divided into three parts.

  • First step or header is Salutation e.g. Dear Harish
  • Second step or body. Here you start with your findings and proceed with explanation
  • Third step or conclusion. Here you write the conclusion, like kindly approve my leave, etc
  • Forth step or closing. Here you write the signature, eg. Sincerely

Excel the art of writing the perfect resume, here how!!

Résumé is a formal document, a compilation in the written form that covers and represents the important aspects like the educational qualification, the work experience, expertise, skills, etc of an interested candidate for the intended job. But many times people fail to achieve even an interview opportunity leaving them all clueless about where did they go wrong. So instead of doubting your ability, peep inside your Résumé first and maybe you will find the missing piece of the puzzle. This brings us to an important question ”How to write a Résumé”.


Whatsapp marketing for business

We have seen a revolution in the way people communicate, from letters and telegrams to text messages and now Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the first and foremost app that comes to our mind when we talk about sending messages or different files. It is an app designed for android and other smartphone users which was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton that allows one to send text messages and other multimedia files free of cost. Not only you can send texts but also make voice and video calls to your friends and family all over the world at no additional costs. There are no hidden charges, no mess of forgetting your password as you are connected to this app via your phone number.


Difference between product based business and service based business

There are number of problems that we face while starting up a new business. Weather you’re thinking to start right now or struggling in the first few years of operations, you need to strategize your goals and objectives. With very less survival rate in the industry it gets essential for a person to understand the nature and the market. Being new to the startup world it might be confusing to consider how and where to invest and implement the unique ideas. First of all you need to keep in mind the industry you want to enter. If you’re looking to enter a commercial world and provide goods and services in an expert manner than all you need to know is the idea behind it’s functioning.


Employment rates in India

The current article will discuss several hotshot topics buzzing around the Indian sub-continent. regarding the employment status during the year of 2018-19 respectively. Let's hop on to it without any further delay. 


Interview Tips - Do's and don't

Interview process is very important to understand behaviour, knowledge, personality, etc about an upcoming employee.

We are providing few interview tips which help you to grow professionally. Here you will find common interview mistakes and how to improve during interview process