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Tips to guide college students in getting jobs

You might think that the whole process of getting a job is an easy process perhaps my fellas let me present you to the bitter truth of the corporate world. Getting a suitable job that matches your profile might not be as easy as it may sound. If truth be told in clear words, finding work and successfully survives in it has become a master task in recent times.


Product based companies and service based companies

Product-based businesses and service-based businesses are two distinct types of business models, each with its own characteristics and strategies.

Both types of businesses need a long term vision and investment. Basic rule of any business is patience. Work hard to achieve goal and have patience, you will win the race without any doubt.


Interview Tips - Do's and test

Interview process is very important to understand behaviour, knowledge, personality, etc about an upcoming employee.
We are providing few interview tips which help you to grow professionally. Here you will find common interview mistakes and how to improve during interview process


How to write emails correctly

Email writing is an art. Its not so easy. We have to select correct and precise word. Generally email is divided into three parts.

  • First step or header is Salutation e.g. Dear Harish
  • Second step or body. Here you start with your findings and proceed with explanation
  • Third step or conclusion. Here you write the conclusion, like kindly approve my leave, etc
  • Forth step or closing. Here you write the signature, eg. Sincerely


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