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Public Date :- 30 Sep 2023

How to write emails correctly

Perfecting the art of writing emails is quite a task, not only for those who just entered the corporate world but also for those who hit the road a long time ago. What are the emails? Just a formal way to communicate with your heads and sun-ordinates. So, feeling intimidated by them can make you nervous to the core. 

What to avoid.

Writing emails is formal, which means avoids the usage of the following thing:

1.  Emoticons or Smiley.

2. Message language or informal slangs (for example YOU- U, ARE-R) ETC. 

3. Try avoiding too much of words, make it simple, short and to the point. 

The Dos:

1. Use technical words or words related to the subject.

2. Break down your message into easy paragraphs. 

3. Use points (if required). 

4. Use exclusive words (take help from the thesaurus).

Also, reread before clicking the send button. Take care of the vocab, you can use apps like Grammarly to check your spellings and other wrongly made sentences (if any). Aim at making the message as short and to the point as possible. The word limit should be a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 400-500 hundred words. Before sending read the sentences carefully, they should be framed correctly, fulfilling the purpose of conveying the right idea to the person's mind. 

Also, remember to see the format of writing emails before writing one especially. How you communicate within your formal group speaks volumes of you. Make sure to repeat your name and phone number.  



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