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Public Date :- 10 Dec 2023

Tips to guide college students in getting jobs

You might think that the whole process of getting a job is an easy process perhaps my fellas let me present you to the bitter truth of the corporate world. Getting a suitable job that matches your profile might not be as easy as it may sound. If truth be told in clear words, finding work and successfully survives in it has become a master task in recent times.

In addition to that the conflicting advice from fellow mates, family and relatives often make it impossible for budding students to decide the path. The golden rule to procure a sense of stability is by referring to your previous works and internships. Most of the student, especially during college days tends to apply for summer-winter breaks internship programs. The very process helps you to shortlist your strength, weakness and other areas you are good at!

For instance, a student doing a summer internship under a technical firm is excellent in coding, then he might consider taking the route which brings out the best in him and thus providing a horizon for the path to be taken. This can also help him to gain knowledge and expertise experience through a practical exercise.

Following few points helps student to plan better in getting jobs:

  1. Define your goals: You can judge for yourself better than others. Focus on your interest and don't hesitate to take risks in early stage. Initial risk is better than later repent
  2. Skill Development: Increasing number of candidates each year creates worry in getting a good job. You have to differentiate yourself from other candidates by doing some training, internship or some small courses.
  3. Good networking: Try to create a good friend circle. Whenever there is any interview going on in any company, good friend informs you. It helps to get the job easily
  4. Online presence: Getting job using online portal is simple. You should upload your resume on,,, etc.
  5. Build good resume: Resume is a mirror of your achievement, work experience and whatever you are. It is very important to create a good resume as creates a first impression in front of any company. Highlights education, skills, internships, and relevant experiences in your resume
  6. Cover Letters: Sometimes companies decide based on cover letter when they get lots of resumes and they don't have time to go through each resume. So, make cover letter short, precise highlight your achievements.

Never underestimate yourself and be confident about your instincts! This will help you further to shape your future by establishing a positive attitude.

Remember that finding a job is a process that takes time, and each experience contributes to your professional development. Stay focused, adaptable, and open to new opportunities.



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