Training Institute (web development)

Training Institute (web development)

We give training to freshers or who is willing to learn new technology. We have seen a trend in market that every company want to hire an employee who has an experience. They don't have time to teach any resource or they don't want to spend money on any unskilled resource. So, we have started a web development training institute to upgrade any resource. Currently we are giving training on web development in PHP and MySQL. You can enquiry for other also, as near future we will start for new technology also.

We cover following syllabus for web development


  •  Introduction
    •  SDLC - Waterfall and Agile
    •  Explore your interests
  •  HTML
    •  Create web page
    •  Div structure
    •  Table structure
  •  PHP
    •  Basics
    •  if else condition
    •  Loops like for, while, foreach and do while
    •  Loop structure
    •  Continue and break
    •  OOPs concept in php
    •  Codeigniter framework in php
  •  MySQL
    •  Introduction
    •  Database
    •  Tables
    •  Data type
    •  Indexing
    •  Joins
    •  Views
    •  Stored procedure and triggers
  •  CSS
    •  Basics
    •  Media queries
  •  Javascript
    •  Introduction
    •  Basics
    •  Validation
  •  Jquery
    •  AJAX
    •  AJAX GET method
    •  AJAX POST method

We also helps students for academics project in PHP and Mysql.


Mobile: +91 9307047159


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